Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Missing a trick

So, Rugby (at least the shortened version of the game) is to become an Olympic Sport in 2016, along with Golf.

I must admit that I've never really been a huge fan of Sevens. I hated playing it as there was nowhere to hide and, for me, watching Sevens has always been more about the beer than what happens on the pitch. On balance, however, I suppose that Olympic status is good news for the game at large.

As for Golf, I really can't fathom how it can be an Olympic sport. Olympic gold is hardly going to be the pinnacle for the likes of Tiger Woods and the proposed format - 72-hole individual stroke play and a field of 60 players with the top 15 world-ranked players automatically eligible (whatever their nationality) - hardly seems to fit the Olympic ideal.

I can't help feeling that the IOC may have missed a trick here. If Golf must be included, why not seize the moment and include Pub Golf instead, providing hope and opportunity for dedicated beer drinkers of all nationalities to come together and compete in quaffing pints (or litres if the Eurpoeans have their way) of ale over an 18-pub course for Olympic glory.

Pub Golf would make for spectacular TV viewing and might even be an event in which Great Britain would excel. And as an exhibition sport at London 2012, it could well turn out to be the focal point for the Games.

Or, failing that, why not Spoof?


BigScottyJ said...

I love Spoof! However, my stomach does not...happy days!

Nursedude said...

One question will be how the Scottish, Welsh and English rugby unions will come with a "British" team that will represent the UK at the Olympics.

Scott said...

Similar selection as for the Lions maybe?