Saturday, 21 November 2009

Crossbar challenge

Saracens are £250,000 poorer after a 24 year old 5th XV hooker from Welwyn RFC won the "crossbar challenge" competition held by the club at Wembley this week.

Stuart Tinner hit the bar with a punt from 30 metres - wearing only his socks - as part of a competition held at half-time during Sarries' victory over South Africa this week. He was the first of three three supporters picked at random from the 46,000 crowd.

The pick of his comments afterwards was:

"This is the second best day of my life - the best was when I lost my virginity."


Nursedude said...

He looked pretty happy after all of the Saracens Cheerleaders assaulted him. I hope he has a great time as he pisses away 250 thousand quid.

Anonymous said...

Saracens insured themselves against someone actually doing it so will only be down a tiny fraction of 250K