Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Flatman for England!

It's official - this blog likes David Flatman.

Not only is he, in this blog's humble opinion, the best loosehead prop currently available to England, he is also the complete anecdote to the usual anodyne, cliché-ridden, ghost-written player columns regularly to be found in the national newspapers.

No platitudes, no banalities and no spin, Flatman's articles in The Independent are witty, insightful and bordering on Clarkson-esque.

Here are a couple of recent examples:

Having a baby beats facing the All Blacks

Scrumthings not right

Flatman for England!


The Antman said...

H'absolutely! As a long-time Sarries fan, I was sorry to see him go back in '03/4, and don't understand why England don't pick him! Or indeed why they keep picking Tim Payne. Nothing against the guy, but he's not dynamic in the loose and not powerful in the scrum. Flats at least has an off-loading game to speak of and doesn't suffer in the tight. Why isn't he in there?!

Nursedude said...

Anybody who is a prop-particularly a loose-head is alright with me!