Tuesday, 12 January 2010


So, it’s been announced that England's 6 Nations encounter with Wales at Twickenham on 6th February is to be Europe's first live 3D sports broadcast.

The Welsh match will be broadcast to 3D-bespectacled rugby fans in 40 cinemas across the UK and England's match against Ireland on 27th February will follow suit.

According to the blurb, “sophisticated polarised 3D cameras” will give fans “the closest experience of the atmosphere inside Twickenham.”

Given England's one-dimensional rugby during the autumn, let us pray that someone in the RFU has informed Martin Johnson’s team that all three dimensions are now available.


Frederic said...

well, certainly a "premiere" for rugby, but OrangeTV did a football 3D broadcast last April of French "Ligue1" (Lyon vs PSG)

Bamberio said...

Great minds think alike, Flanker! I've just blogged about this too:


As you say, I really hope England won't be tragically flat despite all the technical wizardry to give them that extra dimension...