Monday, 4 January 2010

Rugby Lover

On a lighter note, whilst checking out rugbyblip recently I stumbled across an ad for

It turns out that this isn't, as the name might suggest, a site for lovers of rugby but is more a site for people who are looking for lovers who are also lovers of rugby (!) - somewhat cheesily describing itself as providing "UK Dating for lovers of rugby to find their rugby match."

I should point out that, being very happily married to Mrs Flanker, I have not attempted to use the services provided by said site, nor am I endorsing such services in any way, shape or form. I am merely amused by the concept of a dating site for people looking for rugby types and would be happy to hear from anyone who might have used the service, successfully or otherwise.

Perhaps more alarming is the name of one of its sister sites -


Turtle said...

This is so traumatizing I had to repost this compliments of you on my own blog...Thanks for the mid-afternoon laugh. I needed that as I sit here drowning in month end/year end paperwork!

Nursedude said...

The rugby positions should make for some interesting personals:
'Lonely loose-head searching for a tight head', 'Fly-looking half in need of the 8 man of her dreams'...I wonder how big the section under "Hooker" will be.

Too many bad puns for a Tuesday. Thanks for starting this prop's day off with a smile!

Anonymous said...

Hooker willing to whore out at tourney, wait does that sound bad? :))))

Gian said...

Great website! Hope to see more content from you.

Total Flanker said...

Loosehead lady, ex-hooker, GSOH, loves a good ruck, WTLM hard centre with odd shaped balls. Non-smoker preferred.

Bamberio said...

Nice spot Flanker. If I was single I might give this website a go, just for the funnies.

I wonder how many people are actually on there..?

betrugby2 said...

Here's another one -

Ladies must love a rugby player!