Monday, 15 February 2010


A few short messages aimed @ some of the weekend's participants:

@ Steve Borthwick - please engage brain before speaking. The performance wasn't as bad as some are making out but "FANTASTIC" it certainly wasn't.

@ Martin Johnson - with 3 front row forwards on the bench you let Italy set the agenda. The game was crying out for Ben Foden. Please trust in talent.

@ the RFU - clearly the only solution is to wear the retro shirts on a permanent basis. You know it makes sense.

@ France - sacre bleu. Bloody impressive mes amis.

@ Jerry Flannery - very, very lucky to stay on the parc. Collective myopia from match officials. Expect to miss at least the next match though.

@ Scotland - WTF? The most astonishing piece of mass hara-kiri ever witnessed on a rugby field?

@ Thom Evans - get well soon - ditto Chris Paterson.

@ Lee Byrne - I seriously hope that it WASN'T a dive.

@ Andy Powell - charged with drink driving in a golf buggy? MUPPET.

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Nursedude said...

France looked great in beating Ireland(I was enjoying a very nice 1990 Portuguese red watching this one in the Altenjo). 2010 just might be a slam vintage for "Les Bleus". Morgan Parra looks like an answer at Scrum half for the French. It was a very clinical dissection of the Irish.

More to come in a couple of days on Portugal-Georgia...not Six Nations, but it was some compelling rugby under a sunny Lisbon sky.