Friday, 5 February 2010

Oh, for pity's sake...

(That's the clean version above).

The tinkering with the breakdown continues.

Yet another new interpretation, it seems, will be in use during the Six Nations.

Just when teams were coming to terms with the interpretation in vogue since the summer and beginning to rediscover the art of attack, along comes the IRB in full meddling mode - deciding that tacklers must now give their prone victims time to release the ball before attempting to steal possession.

What constitutes "time" no one knows.

It is reported that the Stormers, who will play under the same interpretation in Super 14, have been trialling a new scheme of clapping their hands over their prey to show officials they have given the tackled player a chance to play the ball. That's how farcical the situation has become.

Not so long ago the law was simple - the tackler simply had to roll away or be penalised - no ifs, no buts. Everyone knew exactly where they stood.

Thanks to the seemingly unaccountable buffoons at the IRB, however, players and refs now pretty much have to cope with laws which appear to shift in emphasis from week to week.

You really couldn't make it up, although that is exactly what the IRB appear to be doing.

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Dave Ellis said...

Would that be the double try scoring and best England forward on the park at Twickenham, James Haskell :)