Thursday, 29 April 2010

A touch sore

So, it's late April once more, time to head out onto the playing fields of Buckinghamshire on warm summer evenings to be ritually humiliated as preparations for the summer's Touch Rugby 'season' get underway.

There was a bumper turnout at the rugby club on Tuesday evening, hardly surprising really as it was a beautifully warm, sunny evening - ideal for chucking a rugby ball about and pretending to be 20 years younger. Well, it was ideal for all of about 5 minutes, until I slipped on the hard, sandy ground resulting in a pretty horrific looking deep graze which covers the entire length of my left shin.

Not the best of starts then but, bloodied but not bowed, I soldiered on for the next hour or so, finding myself largely running around after 16 year old girls. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Actually, as well as playing, I ended up rotating the refereeing with another of the Vets which meant that there were several opportunities to take a well earned breather. Just as well, really, given my appalling levels of fitness.

All in all, then, it was an excellent workout and a good start to what I hope to be a summer of getting back into shape. Other than the occasional sporadic road run my exercise regime has been more or less non-existent since my sciatica episode last October which, when I think about it, is a pretty shameful state of affairs. The trick is, clearly, not to think about it.

A major downer was the graze. Before going to bed and to avoid my leg sticking to the bedsheets I applied Germolene ointment which forms a protective layer over the abrasion. It also stings like you wouldn't believe and, given the sheer size of the graze, was utter torture to apply. Note to the CIA: forget water-boarding, Germolene on an open wound would break the will of any would-be terrorist.

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Geoffrey said...

Talking of grazes, this was the biggest problem that we faced during summer pre season training. We have even seen players miss the season opener after tumbles on the hard baked ground. : (