Friday, 21 May 2010

Golden Touch

Week 2 of the Touch Rugby 'season' and another victory for the Odd Bods - this time 14-7 over the Irish Exiles (so named because they play in green and are led by a chap called O'Brien).

Touch on Tuesday was again an enjoyable romp in increasingly summer-like conditions (including those infernal midges). Our team, as it happens, is playing very well as a team. It is, after all, a team game - which is why the team all make the effort at every opportunity to get the ball to Tom, our young quick bloke.

The result of these stunningly original tactics was a fairly convincing victory and I even managed to get on the scoresheet by the cunning strategy of following aforesaid young quick bloke over the tryline to take a scoring pass. A try from minus 2 metres is something of an achievement in my book and makes the fact that I'm still hobbling around three days later almost worth it.

Next up is Chairman's Choice - effectively my Touch Rugby alma mater - although it will be touch and go (no pun intended) whether I will make it back in time to play from my aunt's funeral in North Wales next week.

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