Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Odds & Sods

A mixed bag of rugby news in the last week or so and that's without focusing too much on any of the matches played.

The proposed "consultancy" arrangement between Worcester Warriors and Dean Richards is an odd one. Deano, quite rightly, is looking for loopholes in the ERC judgement against him that might allow him to continue earning a living from the game. Although certain scribes seem outraged by the proposed flouting of the 3 year ban, quite frankly it would be no more than the ERC deserved for their indecent haste in scapegoating Richards as the apparent sole culprit of the Bloodgate affair and their total disregard for due process in reaching their judgement.

Meanwhile, while Leicester's Director of Rugby, Richard Cockerill, was able to participate in his team's narrow victory in the Premiership Final, his Saracens counterpart Brendan Ventner was banished to the comfort of his own living room (where presumably he was free to eat biscuits without censure). This despite Cockerill's outburst at officials during his team's semi-final win over Bath last month. Level playing field? I think not.

Perhaps the most bizarre story, however, is the fact that Toulouse forward and Tongan World Cup star Finau Maka stands accused by the French authorities of "modern slavery" having, allegedly, imprisoned a Tunisian bloke in his house for over three years.

And finally...not being the sort of bloke to kick a man while he's down, I have very little to say about the reported split between Ms Voice of an Angel and Mr Skin of a Satsuma. However, now that he is unlikely to be featuring in the pages of OK! magazine for the foreseeable future let's hope we now see a little more of the aforementioned El Naranja in the sports pages of the daily papers for a change.

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Geoffrey said...

Tis the silly season for sports news other than tennis and the round ball world cup. Wales and Sud Afrika also both claiming that THEY are the underdogs for Staurday (5.6.10).