Friday, 2 July 2010

Back in Touch

It was Clash of the Titans this week as I returned to the Touch Rugby field after a 3 week hamstrung lay-off.

The good news is that my hamstring was fine. The bad news is that the rest of my body’s been screaming at me for the last few days – hardly surprising given that my rehab consisted largely of beer and telly.

This week we Odd Bods faced our biggest challenge so far, an encounter with the Angry Leprechauns, a collection of lads (no lasses) from the club’s Under 17s section.

Now, the thing about being under 17 is that that you’re more than likely to be very quick and very fit and, disappointingly, this proved to be the case with 2 or 3 of them being super-fast and super-talented. Consequently, we ever-so-slightly more mature players found ourselves hanging on grimly for dear life during a frantic first half while the Leprechauns led us a merry dance.

But hang on we did and, despite always seeming to be several scores behind, we kept our heads in attack and flung ourselves about rather inelegantly in defence. Slowly but surely the harum-scarum pace of the game meant that our young oppo began to tire and make mistakes and we were able to claw our way back, bringing our own youngsters into the game more and more.

Four unanswered tries late in the game led us to believe that we had made the score respectable, so we were delighted when the ref announced a final score of 14-14 – that’s 28 tries in 40 minutes, which goes some way to explaining why I still feel so knackered.

Delighted with our moral victory (!), we were treated to a slice of pizza to celebrate the 16th birthday of young Tom and were left to digest the news that, even if we finish top of the league after the final round of matches next week, the top 2 teams will be required to play off the following week to decide the champions.

Step forward the Angry Leprechauns again. I’m not sure my body can take it.

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