Saturday, 10 July 2010


I see that Auckland's Eden Park has banned the use of vuvuzelas.

The incessant hornet buzz that has provided the backdrop to the football World Cup will therefore not feature during today's TriNations fixture between the All Blacks and the Springboks.

Not that it was ever likely to. Like it or loathe it, the vuvuzela is very much a feature of football in South Africa in much the same way as a pitch littered with ticker tape is my overriding memory of the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. When in Rome...

Out of the context of a football World Cup in South Africa I doubt very much whether blowing a vuvuzela would ever catch on. The International Rugby Board, in its infinite wisdom, says it will consult its "tournament stakeholders" before deciding whether to ban vuvuzelas at next year's Rugby World Cup. They really needn't bother.

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Nursedude said...

The thing that is really a shame with these cheap plastic horns is that they take away from the singing and the chanting from the stands that-as an American-I found to be really cool when watched the few English League matches I could get back in the late 70's, because that's one thing we lack at our sporting events. The Vuvuzelas totally have taken that away in the World Cup.

To be honest, as irritating as they are, what really bugged me in this world cup was the appalling display by referees and linesmen and FIFA's insistence of political correctness in giving match responsibilities to officials from back-water countries like Guatamala or Mali. If you have a ref who is at the top level in a good league like the Premiership, Serie A, or even the J-League, then you can do this. At least the IRB has not sunk to this level at the RWC.