Wednesday, 7 July 2010

For better, for worse

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According to reports emanating from Scotland, a rugby tackle is responsible for locating a wedding ring which was lost in snow six months ago.

Under the headline "Rugby ace finds bride's ring in Scots park" the Daily Record reports on how apparently a Dutch woman lost the ring whilst throwing snowballs with her husband during a holiday in Edinburgh at Christmas. Six months later the ring was finally found when Matthew Gilgore was tackled during a rugby match at the park. He apparently landed face-down in the mud just inches from the ring.

The ring was eventually returned to its rightful owner after Mr Gilgore put a notice on the website Gumtree. Lovely.

Far be it for me to cast doubt on the story, but I'm pretty sure that there was very little rugby being played in Edinburgh at the end of June and, even if there was, it's unlikely that much mud would have featured given the recent dry spell.

Methinks that possibly the story may have been ever-so-slightly embellished by an overly-enthusiastic reporter north of the border on a very slow news day.

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John Birch said...

Far be if for me to doubt your doubt, but...

1. Chances are this did not happen last week and is a local story that the Record has picked up on, so as the local paper is probably a weekly that means the events would have happened at least two weeks ago, probably longer.

2. They had to research the owner of the ring - who was not a local, or even UK citizen. I am not even sure how they managed to do it - but however they did that too would have taken time.

3. I think that pushes things back well into May, maybe even April, when it was very wet indeed!

Total Flanker said...

Or a cynic might say that a bloke, who happens to play rugby, found the ring in the park. Not much of a story until you add the words "tackle" and "mud" though is it?

Still John, your faith in human nature is very touching...:)

John Birch said...

Considering how many accuse me of total cynicism I am rather flattered!

Rick Smith said...

Happened across this accidently, but I thought it was fun to see. My name is Matthew Gilgore, and the truth is... we were playing American football in March. I wasn't tackled, but dove for a catch. It wasn't even that muddy then. Found the ring in the ground. Didn't get around to cleaning it and posting it for like a month or so. Got it cleaned up, posted it on gumtree and like a week or two later got a response from a PI in Edinburgh hired to find the ring. Not overly fantastic, but a nice story nonetheless. Thank you for your time, Matthew Gilgore