Sunday, 4 July 2010

Good week, Bad week

Good Week
  1. Warren Gatland - for some reason in demand, both in Wales and New Zealand. Lord knows why after his more recent track record - unless there's a demand for coaches whose teams deliver too little too late.

  2. Brian O'Driscoll - married the rather lovely Amy Huberman. Congrats to them both.
Bad Week

  1. Steve Borthwick - good enough apparently to be England's leader months ago - now not good enough to make the elite squad at all. A tad harsh perhaps?

  2. Olly Barkley - if Borthwick thinks he's hard done by, Barkley's managed to miss out on both England and Saxons selection, despite being the best 12 in England by a country mile.

  3. Danny Cipriani - probably the only player further from England selection than Olly Barkley and now he's hanging out in Hollywood with Lindsay Lohan? Good grief.

1 comment:

Nursedude said...

Cipriani must have the midas touch with women too. It seems that Miss Lohan is being sent to jail for 3 months for parole violation.