Saturday, 19 February 2011

Welsh stars struck down

Victim of Japha Fever
Breaking News: It emerged today that WRU officials have declared an orange alert in Cardiff following the outbreak of an "very aggressive" strain of a virus that has affected several members of the Welsh rugby squad.

It is believed that the virus, commonly referred to as Japha Fever, is endemic to areas of South Wales and has struck down the likes of Lee Byrne, James Hook, Mike Phillips and Andy Powell, all of whom are believed to be in isolation at University Hospital Cardiff.

A spokesperson for the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust, Dr Mfanwy Llewellyn-Morgan, commented that the virus had medical experts stumped.

“There was a similar outbreak amongst the Welsh squad in 2008,” said Dr Llewellyn-Morgan. “What we don’t know is whether the virus has lain dormant since, and we are stumped as to why the virus has re-appeared this year.”

Symptoms of Japha Fever include orange skin, hairless legs and an inability to perform basic tasks.

There is no vaccine and no known cure.

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Ferdy said...

Did they catch it from Gav do you think?