Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Move it

I received an email last week from my rugby club (well, when I say "my" rugby club I mean the club I attend on an increasingly infrequent basis). The email kindly informed me that a powerpoint presentation of all the club's on-field moves and calls was now available for all players.

Moves? Calls? I thought. What moves and calls?

The email stressed the importance of every player (backs AND forwards) being familiar with every set play and call across all teams.

Set plays? I thought. What set plays?

The idea is that knowledge of the moves will enable every player to slide relatively seamlessly between the sides, ensure training sessions are spent actually training.

Training? I...well. you get the general idea.

All in all, although somewhat alien to this particular dinosaur, I guess it does indicate just how far the club is progressing under the stewardship of England Women's prop Rocky Clarke.


anne bebbington said...

I guess there must be advantages from all singing from the same hymnsheet so to speak but of course what happens when the opposition get wise to your secret codes? :)

BigDai said...

I am more astonished that a prop knows moves!