Saturday, 19 March 2011

Six Nations 2011 - (Almost) Instant Review

Well, here we are again, another 6 Nations is at an end and here's a relatively instant assessment of each nation's performance throughout the Championship, albeit tinged with the disappointment of a Grand Slam opportunity squandered:

ENGLAND - although I still feel a corner has been turned, today it was simply boys against men. Grand Slams aren't easy to win (especially when you're English) and so it proved again. Lesson learned?

FRANCE - utterly chaotic, totally bonkers. Firm favourites for RWC 2011 in my book.

IRELAND - today rediscovered their inner Munster and will almost certainly be stronger for it.

WALES - decent individual performances, but they look a team that is less than the sum of its parts.

SCOTLAND - all they need to do is pretend that every opposition is England.

ITALY - a decent fly half and an 80% goalkicker away from being more than decent.


anne bebbington said...

There also have to be questions raised about the inconsistency of refereeing - Bryce Lawrence missed so many infringements by both teams today when he'd penalised the other side for them previously - at least be consistent please! That said even with decent refereeig England just didn't turn up this afternoon and Ireland deserved to win. On another note just as disappointing was Eddie Butler's biased commentary yet again - laughing at Johnny Wilkinson's missed kick showed Butler for what truly he is - unprofessional and a real prat!!! Time for the BBC to replace him with a proper commentator

GazP said...

Woohoo! Not so much that we beat England (although that's nice) but more that we finally put together a performance worthy of the name.

For Eng, this won't hurt them too much. They keep being compared to 03 but 01 would be a better comparison, or even 99 RWC. They are callow but will learn.

Despite the table I think Ire & Eng were the two best teams in the 6N. Who knows about France come NZ but right now they are mediocre.

But enough persiflage,for now I will sit back, order another Guinness and bask in victory

Ferdy said...

England: maybe haven't lived up to their own hype...yet again. But I'm still not writing them off come World Cup time.

France: Not firm favourites. If they stick with Lievremont, they'll be out. Also, they're facing the All Blacks in a pool, so they won't have the chance to knock the favourites out at a sudden death moment unless they meet them in a final.

Scotland: promising signs. I like Andy Robinson and his passion. Is Chris Patterson the most underrated fullback in the world? They guys is awesome, those tackles...

Wales: To petulant. Yet another falling out behind the scenes with Shaun Edwards. They lack emotional maturity. They've got the players but they don't have the temperament to win big.

Italy: A fantastic moment when they beat France. I even shed a tear, big sentimentalist that I am. So exciting that they are finding their confidence, they will only get better.

Ireland: They played like All Blacks today. Simply awesome. If they can keep this form up, maybe it's Ireland who are the true Northern Hemisphere contenders for the world cup in September.

Ferdy said...

PS: Did I mention that I absolutely LOVED this six nations? A wonderful tournament, wonderful crowds, wonderful atmosphere, wonderful blogging and conversations around the globe. And absolutely wonderful rugby.

NAMA : EN YUSOF said...


Jim said...

Scotland - When even Brian Moore is complaining about refereeing decsions on your behalf, you know something is wrong, seriously wrong, somewhere...

Personally I think a significant part of what's wrong might be this bit:

[start random pause sequence, good opportunity to look for some obscure reason to penalise the team in blue]
[add another pause and breathe deep for the mike - the folks at home and with those ref radios will be creaming it for you by now baby, this is your game and they're waiting for you - try to do something nasally]



Penalty against you Scotland, cos France ripped you a new one in the first game which means you must have cheated in getting that one square.

Scotty said...

From a Southern Hemisphere perspective, England are probably the biggest threat based on their first four games.

France were there inconsistent self and showed by losing to Italy and then smashing Wales just how dangerous they are. I am glad the ABs meet them in pool play.

Ireland are the almost team.

Wales have some real flair but just can't quite put it together. They are exciting though.

Italy and Scotland are both rugged up front, but will do well to make the quarter finals.

See you all in New Zealand!