Saturday, 9 July 2011

Seconds out, round two?

The brown stuff could be about to hit the fan yet again at the RFU as chairman Martyn Thomas faces a possible vote of no confidence at tomorrow's AGM for his handling of the John Steele Woodwardgate fiasco.

Apparently the AGM will consider the findings of an inquiry led by Judge Jeff Blackett who, having interviewed all the relevant parties (including Sir Clive), has compiled a 52-page report.

The Telegraph reports that, in true kangaroo court style, a group of unhappy alickadoos council members will discuss their grievances and plot strategy at a West London curry house this evening.

The outcome could be a vote of no confidence which, if the 58-strong# council were to pass, would undoubtedlly plunge the RFU into turmoil.

And with no more than 2 months to go before the Rugby World Cup starts, the timing could not be better.

# so in fact there are 58 old farts, and not 57 as most reasonably-minded people believe.

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