Thursday, 13 October 2011

Independence Day

The RFU's independent review of England’s failed World Cup campaign is to be led by none other than Fran Cotton.

That's the same Fran Cotton who called for the resignation of the then CEO John Steele back in May this year, who has declared himself to be a "massive fan" of Sir Clive Woodward and who has more or less already pre-judged the issue by publicly declaring Mike Tindall's behaviour in New Zealand as "unforgivable."

That's the same Fran Cotton presumably appointed by the discredited Management Board and self-appointed acting CEO Martyn Thomas, currently out in New Zealand with his RFU cronies on an all-expenses paid freebie.

Independent? My arse.

Meanwhile Martin Johnson has been given 2 weeks by Thomas to decide whether or not he wishes to be considered for re-appointment when his contract expires in December.

I wouldn't blame Johnson at all if he decided to walk away from this shambolic excuse for a governing body.

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