Saturday, 15 October 2011

Sour Grapes

South African rugby fans appear to have taken their team's exit in the RWC quarter final last week very badly indeed, blaming referee Bryce Lawrence for costing them the game.

And, despite plenty of evidence that Lawrence is merely an incompetent fool as opposed to a biased cheat, the head the University of Cape Town's Sports Science Department, Tim Noakes, has now waded into the debate, effectively accusing Lawrence of match fixing.

"When science is manipulated to produce a predetermined outcome, it's called bent science," says Noakes, very scientifically.

"When the outcome of a sporting event is predetermined, we call it match fixing."

"There was something wrong with that game. It seems it was predetermined."

Sounds conclusive enough to me but, in an added twist, Noakes has called on the IRB to prove that South Africa's exit from the World Cup was not fixed and, by asking them to prove a negative, has ensured that his theory cannot be disproved.

Clever chaps, these scientists.


Nursedude said...

I think Springbok fans have a short memory on some of the questionable calls that went their way courtesy of Nigel Owens in their bruising encounter with Samoa in Albany.

After that game, more than a couple of Samoan players and fans thought that the IRB was against them, too, and that the fix was in.

More conspiracy theories at this RWC than the Kennedy assassination.

Maybe Bok fans should be more upset at their team for pissing away the game against Australia.

JL Pagano said...

I wonder if that scientist can prove that he isn't just saying stuff to get his own name in the papers? Or that he doesn't have some book or publication that he's trying to plug?