Friday, 4 May 2012

Amateur Hour

Farcical doesn’t begin to describe the position at the bottom of the English Premiership.

Ostensibly the result of the Wasps vs Newcastle match will decide which of the 2 teams is relegated to the Championship.

Yet of the 4 teams vying for promotion from the Championship via the play-off system over the next few weeks, only Bristol currently has Premier Rugby approval for its ground and facilities. London Welsh don’t have primacy of tenure while Cornish Pirates and Bedford appear to be a urinal or two short of the required standard, or some such bollocks.

It appears therefore that whoever is ‘relegated’ stands a fair chance (75% as things currently stand) of not being relegated at all, but still might be. And in the meantime the ‘relegated’ club is expected to plan for next season. How, exactly?

Only one word for it - amateurish.


Phil @ Dumptackle said...

It's a farce..but then again is relegation really the worst thing to happen to your club if you are performing so badly?

In many ways some of the big sides who have been relegated have benefited from it long-term, as it has forced them to look at the structure of their club and create a longer term vision.

GazP said...

so what is to be done? Remove relegation or remove the Premiership requirements from the promoted?

I am not sure which, if either of those, I prefer. The sportsman in me likes having a winner and a loser, its the basis of all competition. I also have a somewhat Corinthian dislike of the concept of only 'rich' clubs being in the Premiership.

However as evidenced by Wasps, if you don't have the financial wherewithal to compete, and this is clearly underpinned by having a good, secured home ground, then you struggle.

Perhaps the time has come to have a smaller, ring fenced Premiership, maybe 8 or 9 teams. Then have a 2 or 3 yr window for new "franchises" to bid to enter based on their performance track record and ability to compete as an organisation. Max of two can change at any one time and they would secure their place by meeting the above requirements and beating, and removing, the lowest placed side(s) in the Premiership

Not sure thats the best answer but its an answer