Friday, 11 May 2012


No major problems with Stuart Lancaster’s England squad for the tour of South Africa other than the absence of:
o Billy 36 – can’t help feel that England are missing a huge trick here.
o Jonny May – a star in the making, get him involved now.
o Steffon Armitage – obviously exceptional form does not = exceptional circumstances.


Ed said...

Cant understand why Lancaster will pick Tom Youngs, who's never started a premiership match at hooker, just because England lack talent at hooker When we have a similar deficit at 12 and Twelvetrees doesn't get selected. When he came on against Bath last week he ran the game very well, what does he have to do to get selected?!

Phil @ Dumptackle said...

Definitely agree with you about Armitage. Unfortunately his contract with Toulon doesn't allow him to join the squad.

If he were involved though, it would allow Robshaw to move back to his more favoured position at 6.

Total Flanker said...

I'd have thought that Armitage could join the tour once Toulon's season finishes. It's not as if England are short of bodies.