Monday, 28 October 2013

Treason at the Last Chance Saloon

The Last Chance Saloon is getting a tad full.

The latest customer would appear to be Mike Phillips, sacked by Bayonne for turning up to a video analysis session under the influence of alcohol, an act described as "treason" by club chairman, Alain Affelou.

Phillips' latest misdemeanour is one of an increasing number of alcohol-related incidents involving the Welsh no 9 and follows his suspension by Wales in 2011 after an altercation with a McDonald's bouncer in Cardiff and his suspension and fine imposed by Bayonne a year ago after a series of alcohol-related off field incidents.

That Phillips is reportedly considering legal action against Bayonne only serves to demonstrate that he really hasn't learned his lesson, while Warren Gatland's refusal to confront the issue ultimately does the player no favours.

It also looks as if Phillips will be joined at the bar of the Last Chance Saloon by Justin Bieber lookalike James O'Connor. Dumped by Australia after a series of indiscretions, the latest of which being his removal from Perth airport for drunken behaviour by Australian Federal Police, O'Connor's place at the bar looks as if it will be sponsored by London Irish.


Von said...

McDonald's has bouncers??
Ah, in Cardiff.....

Escapee said...

Well now, apparently Mikey turned up "smelling of alcohol" at a vid analysis session along with a number of others who, however, were not sacked. It is hardly unusual for the French to imbibe du vin. And it is not unreasonable to surmise that this evinces some cynicism on the part of Bayonne i.e. they have performance problems and want to relieve themselves of an expensive player and have used this as an opportunity to do just that by getting rid of or scapegoating Philips. I doubt very much that he would sue if he had been steaming drunk at a video session.