Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Nine South Africans. Eight Kiwis. Five Argentinians. One Samoan.

Barbarians v Fiji Scarf

It is right and proper that we should be celebrating 100 years of Fijian rugby and it's great that Twickenham and the Barbarians are supporting the celebrations.

But a Barbarians side without a single player from a northern hemisphere nation?
The days of Carmichael, Slattery, Edwards and Duckham are long gone and, with the match falling outside the international window, it is simply no longer feasible for the BaaBaas to field the equivalent of a Lions XV at home.
But is turning this occasion into a southern hemisphere exhibition match really the answer?

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SmellyNerfherder said...

The issue is with the Northern Hemisphere teams not releasing their players outside of the international window. It's frustrating, because even Fiji were short of five or six first choice players because their clubs would not release them. It means you end up with a predominantly Southern Barbarian team in the Autumn, and a predominantly Northern Barbarian team in the Summer!