Monday, 11 November 2013

There's just no pleasing some people

A comfortable win against Argentina following a not so comfortable but still well deserved victory over the Aussies last week clearly just isn't enough for some people.

To put things in context, a year ago England were losing to Australia while Argentina were beating Wales, so the last 2 weeks' results are nothing to be sniffed at.

We're constantly told by the great and the good of rugby journalism that, for England, the result is everything and that heroic defeat is no longer enough. So why moan when the result is delivered?

Yes it might be said that Australia and Argentina were poor this November. And yet the Aussies still stuck 50 on Italy and it remains to be seen what we'll see from Argentina in the coming weeks.

It might also be claimed that England have so far lacked fluency. Face it - it happens. The trick is to find a way to win when all is not going to plan. England have done precisely that.

England are clearly not the finished article, nor are they the All Blacks - but when, I ask, have they ever claimed to be?

And so to the ultimate challenge next week as the apparently unbeatable New Zealanders come to town. England start as rank outsiders, it seems.

Game on.

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Von said...

My theory is that these sports journos are failed sportsmen themselves. They were either the dweeby little geek who couldn't even catch or they had a crack at serious sport and just couldn't cut it.
They're just jealous and can't deal with their own inferiority complex. And they're twats.