Monday, 2 December 2013

5 things we learned from the November internationals

I’ve seen this sort of thing done by real journalists on proper websites so thought I’d give it a go – how hard can it be…?

1.       New Zealand are the best team in the history of the universe between World Cups. It’s undeniable. The facts speak for themselves. 

2.       England are better than any country in the World at keeping their powder dry. Why reveal your attacking strategy 2 years out from the World Cup when you can keep everyone guessing? J 

3.       South Africa are the team that everyone will want to avoid in the 2015 World Cup knockout stages. 

4.       It’s not a mental thing preventing Wales from taking a southern hemisphere scalp. It’s just that, in the absence of one tight-head prop and two centres, they’re really not that good. 

5.       Quade Cooper is a genius and Australia will win the World Cup in 2015. You heard it here first.

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sesenta y cuatro said...

point 1: you didn't exactly learn it this autumn, you already knew it

point 2: who cares?

point 3: again, is it something new? something you didn't already know?

point 4: it's just wales, for heavens' sake. They cannot even defeat australia no matter how many times they try.

point 5: this cooper thing is something which was not so clear before this autumn series, especially after a pretty average super xv, but you are not the first one to tip australia for the rwc.

Aside from the previous things it is not very pleasant to see how rwc-focused these 5 things are. 4 of the things you learnt are directly related to it. It is surprising that this event gathers all your interest, even more so in a year where the supposedly "ultimate challenge" of the home nations not only took place but was also succesful 12 years after last time.

I mean, there are hundreds of things going on in rugby and all your focus seems in an event 2 years away.

As if rugby in itself were less important outside the rwc.

Not a very pleasant thought.