Sunday, 22 December 2013

Flood warning

Toby Flood's apparent decision to play his rugby in France next season - probably with Toulouse - is a strange one.

Yes, he'll get paid shedloads of money. And yes, living in the south of France may have its advantages over living in Leicestershire. But with a World Cup in England less than 2 years away it seems bizarre that Flood would effectively rule himself out of England contention given Stuart Lancaster's stated policy on overseas-based players.

Flood's decision also puts his spot in England's 6 Nations squad in jeopardy. After all, why would Lancaster include someone who will be unavailable to him for the next two years?


Sean AchĂ­ said...

Might be the other way round there man.

Lancaster could've hinted/told Flood that he wouldn't be 1st or even 2nd choice for England as they "build towards RWC15".

Peter Franklin said...

He could well I suspect have sounded out Lancaster. Or he may see that he's not No.1 and can see a few young guns on the horizon.

With the possibility of only a few more caps or lining the retirement nest better, you can't blame him. Pity as I often thought he lost out despite being the better player for reasons outside his control.