Sunday, 26 January 2014

Six Nations 2014: Behind the Scenes at England Rugby

England tactics revealed
England boss Stuart Lancaster is said to be incandescent with fury at reports that his key tactic for England’s assault on this year’s Six Nations tournament has been leaked.

Reports emerged yesterday of England players being issued with ground-breaking “invisibility cloaks” developed secretly by England kit manufacturer, Canterbury.

The cloaks, which have been in development behind closed doors for nearly 12 months, are said to mask the England players both from their opponents and match officials and were set to make their debut appearance in Paris next week.

“It was felt that something had to be done following the disastrous defeat in Cardiff last year,” said our secret source at the RFU.

“We believe the cloaks offer us an edge. It’s all about 1% increments.

“We’ve checked, and there is nothing in the Laws that say a player must be visible.”

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