Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thumbs down at Sixways

Worcester and Scotland prop Euan Murray appears set for a long lay off after sustaining “significant damage” to his thumb while chopping wood at a “team-building barbeque” at Sixways.
No doubt Worcester boss Dean Ryan is delighted with the club’s investment in their marquee signing, especially in the light of the fact that Murray has been sidelined since November with an Achilles tendon injury and given his unwillingness to turn out of a Sunday. Not exactly money well spent.
Not to mention why on earth the club was having a barbeque in January or why they allowed their prize asset to chop wood. 

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Von said...

I've said for years, (but probably wouldn't be so bold to his face): Euan Murray is a total bellend.

As if God gives two shits about people playing rugby on a Sunday. Do the religious not read their own books? It's God's day off, I'm sure he'd love to see a bit of sport while he kicks back with a nice pint of the black stuff.

As for the unseasonal BBQ, Worcester in January probably feels like summer for him.