Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Six Nations: Burning Issue of the Week #2

This week’s Burning Issue:
International rugby coach? Court jester? Incompetent buffoon? Fiendishly clever con-artist?

You decide.


BigJocktheLock said...

Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad. He gave us a bit of hope when he first came in, but there's a reason Vern Cotter got the job, and I think we now know what that reason is.
However, what can Vern Cotter do that Scott Johnson, Andy Robinson, Frank Hadden or Matt Williams couldn't do. We will watch (from behind the sofa probably) with interest!

John Rainbow said...

I think you can have some hope for the future and that a new coach can make a difference! Take Italy for example who are in a similar situation. They have very few world class players (I'm thinking Parisse and maybe one or two of the props - Castro maybe?) yet under the new coach they are playing some very decent rugby and at least achieving what I think they are realistically capable of. As an Italian, some games in the past have been hard to watch (the Wakarua years were particularly rough) but under Brunel they are actually doing ok.

If you consider that Scotland have many of the same problems as Italy (the big one being lack of a decent fly-half) but that Italy seem to do ok without I think a case can be made for a new coach changing things up in Scotland.

John Rainbow said...

And I should add that Wakarua is actually 1/2 Scottish, 1/2 Kiwi so if you want a fly-half you can have him! How that combo ended up playing for the Azzuri I'll never know...