Tuesday, 4 November 2014

England expects…but so does Mrs Attwood

England remain hopeful that lock Dave Attwood will be available to face the All Blacks on Saturday, with the birth of his first child imminent.

It appears that England are pinning their hopes on Mrs Attwood producing Attwood Jnr prior to Saturday's match, with several commentators suggesting that, if push came to shove (so to speak), the England forward should choose to play against New Zealand rather than attend the birth.

To me there's only one choice. Whilst admittedly the chances of me ever facing the All Blacks are a tad  remote, I would not have missed the birth of my kids for the world.


Nursedude said...

It's a no-brainer. Be there for the birth of your child.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the right decision to make. Its good to see an athlete show some perspective like this and show that it is not all about the sport. Glad he is taking a step back. I just hope it won't hurt the team to bad. You should give my rugby blog a look at http://fsurugby.wordpress.com/