Monday, 31 August 2015

RWC - just around the corner ...

My Rugby World Cup tickets having now arrived - Japan v Samoa at Milton Keynes (woohoo!) and QF 1 at Twickenham - the tournament is now finally beginning to seem real after a seemingly interminable build up.

From an England perspective the main talking point has been the selection of Sam Burgess. It's a strange one - there's no way Burgess is one of the top four centres in England - and neither is he in the top half dozen back row players. But - and it's a significant but - he is a potential match winner, and England don't have too many of those.

I think we're now allowed to begin to get excited...

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Nation in shock as Danny Cipriani discovers maturity

I appreciate how hard selection is, there are so many boys that worked hard in camp and got less time than me so I feel fortunate to get the time that I did…I thoroughly enjoyed the camp and fully understand the route the coaches have gone down... I'm going to stay fit and be ready if I'm called upon...lets just all get behind the team and back the 31. 

Possibly Stuart Lancaster's biggest achievement yet?