Thursday, 17 March 2016

No offence?

Much has been made of Joe Marler’s “Gypsy Boy” comment aimed at Samson Lee at Twickenham last Saturday.

Was it an offensive comment? Yes, undoubtedly, but the next question is this: when the comment was made who actually took offence? The answer is simple – when Marler uttered the words “Gypsy Boy” the only person who heard them and who might have been offended was Samson Lee, who subsequently accepted Marler’s apology at half time.

All those who have since come out of the woodwork claiming to have been offended have done so on the basis of media reports of what happened. They did not hear the comments. Ergo they could not have been offended by them.

Marler's comments were idiotic, offensive and unpalatable but he has accepted that what he said was unacceptable, has apologised and has been reprimanded, while Samson Lee has behaved with great dignity and grace in accepting Marler’s apology.

All very grown up and, dare I say it, common sense appears to have prevailed.


Von said...

Disagree with some your logic; completely agree with your conclusion.

Some of the sanctimonious nonsense spouted this week by professional offence-takers has been quite infuriating.

dulls said...

i am not sure if i am offended or not. Who do i ask?

Charley said...

My mates and I are having a difficult time figuring out why calling someone a "Gypsy Boy" is derogatory? Perhaps because we are Americans and do not understand the finer points of the English language.