Monday, 28 March 2016

Absolute Nonsense

Sarries chairman Nigel Wray has this weekend described the current European rugby calendar - where Premiership teams lose their international players to the Six Nations for three months every season - as an “absolute nonsense”.

He is right. Much as we all love the Six Nations, the fact that it remains set in stone slap bang in the middle of the European domestic season is somewhat ridiculous.

"If it ain't broke don't fix it" appears to be the attitude of the change-resistant authorities, supported by a compliant rugby press.

Such an attitude is, however, another example of amateur administration values being applied to a professional sport and completely ignores the fact that fans of club rugby who pay good money to attend games are, for a significant chunk of the season, deprived of seeing the best players.

As Wray points out, the Southern Hemisphere has successfully organised its calendar so that the Super Rugby season does not compete with international rugby.

It's about time that the Northern Hemisphere followed suit.

It really shouldn't be that difficult.

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David Dubost said...

That's easy to fix. Don't arrange club games during the international period. Problem solved.