Friday, 27 May 2016

Lost in France

If the news that Steffon Armitage is about to join Pau from French rivals Toulon is confirmed, it will at least save us from further press speculation about his non-existent England career.

“Armitage for England” calls from the English rugby media have been something of a regular thing during Armitage's successful 5 year stint at Toulon, despite the RFU’s clear stipulation throughout that players must play their club rugby in England to be eligible for international selection.

By choosing, once again, not to come back to England, Armitage will effectively be saying that he has absolutely no intention of trying to prove himself worthy of a place in the England squad - in reality making it clear once and for all that he has no desire to play for his country.

Much better for him to rely on the myth that he that he is the best openside flanker England never had…

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sesenta y cuatro said...

Not many people outside New Zealand cry when the likes of Nick Evans, Charles Piutau, Rene Ranger, Frank Halai, etc, etc... leave their country and give up the possibility of successful international careers because they choose big bucks elsewhere (mind you, it normally is either England or France).

So perhaps Armitage is a case of something pretty common in rugby for a number of years now, but for some reason that didn't hurt the English rugby public until it happened to them.