Friday, 13 May 2016

On the move?

First of all, belated congratulations to Bill Beaumont following his elevation to the position of Chairman of World Rugby (aka the artist formerly known as the IRB).

And secondly, well done Bill for daring to broach the thorny issue of a global rugby season, for some time now ruby's panacea for players' welfare.

Beaumont has said that a possible move for the Six Nations to April "could well be a solution" - something that to date has not been countenanced by the "if it ain't broke" brigade who refuse to look beyond their bubble self-interest and insist that the current February to March slot is non-negotiable.

The fact is that something has to give to fix a ludicrous northern hemisphere season where players are pulled from pillar to post, bouncing between domestic, European and international action and where commercial planning for clubs becomes exceedingly complex.

The Six Nations is big enough and ugly enough to absorb any change and must look at the bigger picture for the benefit of the game as a whole. And who knows, a move to later in the season - when the weather is better and pitches are firmer - may even improve it as a product?

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Von said...

I really like this bloke's suggestion for a complete overhaul of the northern hemisphere season: