Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Time to add my tuppence ha'penny worth to the debate around the behaviour of Dan Biggar and other Welsh players in Sunday's match against England at HQ.

To me it's pretty simple. Berating the referee about a decision (never mind that it had been made by the TMO after studying the replays) is entirely unacceptable. This is not football.

And for Warren Gatland to try to defend the behaviour as a display of "passion" is arguably even worse. He really should know better.

In March England's Joe Marler was hauled over the coals by the press for a one-off, heat of the moment comment for which he almost immediately apologised and he ultimately received a 2 match ban.

What price on no action being taken against Mr Biggar and co?


Von said...

Biggar's got previous for this too and with the same ref just a few weeks ago. This ref, Mitrea, by not punishing Biggar adequately, (at all), is making a rod not just for his own back but for other referees too.

TotalFlanker said...

It also sets a poor example to kids - we're constantly drumming the message into my son's U13 team that the ref is always right (even when he isn't) and that any dissent is totally unacceptable. It's a tough message to get across to a group used to seeing footballers on the telly surrounding the referee, but we emphasise how different rugby is, how respect is vital etc. The behaviour of Biggar and co really doesn't help...