Wednesday, 27 July 2016


By all accounts the new 8 year, £225m deal between the RFU and premiership Rugby is "a good thing."

One possible exception, however, is that the much debated "exceptional circumstance" clause has now been set in stone.

 So now a player who does not play his club rugby in England will be only be considered for selection where the England team is suffering an injury crisis in his position ahead of playing a tier-one country. In other words it will never happen.

Apparently this was always the intention of the clause despite the fact it was never stated as such. Yeah, right.

I guess this is part of the price that Eddie Jones the RFU have to pay to get the access to players that they desire and I suppose at least it will stop the media clamouring for the selection of the latest flavour of the month player plying his trade abroad.

Shame about Sam Underhill though...

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