Friday, 9 September 2016

Ban the Tackle?

Scientists and doctors have again called for tackling in school rugby to be banned.

Researchers from the Sport Collision Injury Collective (which I assume is a thing) claim that kids are at risk of serious injury, pointing out that tackling is responsible for nearly 64% of all injuries and 87% of concussions.

They also make the very valid point that many PE teachers in schools are not qualified to coach the game and yet full contact rugby is compulsory in 73% of schools in England.

I’m not about to question the facts. The conclusion – banning tackling in schools – is, however, something of a leap.

I know I've covered this previously but there are 3 fairly obvious alternative solutions:

- Review tackling laws in general for under 18s (with emphasis on outlawing the full frontal chest tackle);

- Ensure that PE staff are properly trained; and

- Make full contact rugby non-compulsory, so only those who want to play are taught to tackle.

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