Sunday, 18 December 2016

Hall of Fame? Not quite.

The WORLD RUGBY HALL OF FAME is all well and good.

What you really want to see, however, is this:

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Lionel Joyce said...

How about Manu Tualgi -

In the aftermath of England's 2011 World Cup exit to France, Tuilagi was detained by New Zealand police and subsequently fined £3000 by the England team for jumping into Auckland harbour from a ferry.[17]

In September 2013 he issued an apology to Prime Minister David Cameron after making a "bunny ears" sign behind his back during a visit by the British and Irish Lions squad to Downing Street.[18]

In May 2015, Tuilagi was convicted of assaulting two female police officers and a taxi driver. English coach Stuart Lancaster subsequently announced that Tuilagi would not be selected for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.[20]

Further evidence of clinical immaturity: he grins when he gets a yellow card in a recent match in which Leicester desperately need points

We hope that England have got past the 'bang it up the middle" syndrome and that he gets no more playing time with the national team