Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Nothing to see here?

Having previously commented on dirty deeds down under, in the interests of fairness it’s only right that I mention reports that Wasps players have been the subject of an internal investigation following allegations of “debauchery” and “riotous behaviour” at an end of season riverboat party along the Thames in May.

The reports are somewhat light on detail, the most interesting “fact” appearing to be that a statement was taken from a 47 year old stripper who performed at the event and that she once appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’ Classy.

Following the investigation the conclusion reached by the club was that no action was required. So it looks like it’s a question of “move along, nothing to see here.”

At the risk of coming across as all "holier than thou", however, one does once again have to query the wisdom of high profile athletes who, when it comes to entertainment, appear stranded in a bygone era.

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