Monday, 5 December 2016

Send in the clown

According to The Australian newspaper last week, Eddie Jones is (or at least was) the “real clown of rugby”.

That was before England’s 37-21 win over Australia on Saturday, following which one might have expected a certain amount of humble pie and perhaps an admission that England under Eddie Jones are becoming a very good rugby team indeed. Not a bit of it – whilst there is plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth about the status of Australian rugby, there’s very little acknowledgement of England’s qualities.

Not so surprising, perhaps, but anyone who knows anything about the game has to admit, whether they like it or not, that this England team looks as if it is on the way to becoming a formidable outfit. 

Yes, New Zealand are still out there by some distance at the head of the field and yes, for England there are still a few notable weaknesses to be ironed out, but I get the feeling that the players are completely aware of where they need to improve and their ability to adapt and think on their feet, as demonstrated in the last few games, will stand them in good stead...


sesenta y cuatro said...

England are a very good team.

However, the real news would be that they can find consistency. In 2015 they were awful, in 2016 they are unbeaten. What can they do in 2016?

sesenta y cuatro said...

typo: What can they do in 2017*?