Wednesday, 14 December 2016

So, here we go again...

And so Dylan Hartley will serve a 6 week suspension but will be available for the start of the Six Nations.

How far the patience of Eddie Jones will stretch remains to be seen, and six more games missed is hardly ideal preparation for Hartley, especially given the superior form of Jamie George.

Not that Hartley has any cause for complaint. Setting aside the issue of intent, a reckless swinging arm tackle to the head, resulting in a player being concussed, was never going to be overlooked and rightly so. It was high and it was dangerous and World Rugby needs to persevere in its attempts to rid the game of such tackles.

What Hartley might question, however, is the consistency of punishments handed down. If this was a sending off offence then so were other recent, high-profile, similar offences that were treated far more leniently.

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