Tuesday, 13 December 2016

This player is NOT dead, apparently

One of the most bizarre things I've read recently is the fact that James Haskell has had to issue a video denial of rumours, apparently circulating via t'internet, that he had died of a steroid overdose.
“I’m not dead and for those of you who wish I was dead, better luck next time,” says Haskell. 

The reality, of course, is that the original James Haskell died a couple of years ago and was replaced by a doppelgĂ€nger with a rugby brain and a sidestep.


sesenta y cuatro said...

The real James Haskell is still kept in a secret place in Otago, whereas a local player was sent back up North.

Among other things, the unnamed local player was taught a leaf out from Mark Twain's repertoire: "The rumours about..."

TotalFlanker said...


That would explain it...