Monday, 5 December 2016

This player is sparko

This is a picture of George North after crashing to earth following a mid-air tackle from Leicester’s Adam Thompstone on Saturday.

Here’s another one.

According to George he was not knocked out.

He was merely resting. 

Or pining for the fjords.


Lionel Joyce said...

TF: Perhaps I misunderstood your comment about George North, but you seemed to be mocking him.

It is nothing but sad when any player is laid flat on the ground after an illegal tackle. It will be tragic if George, still only 24, has to retire from the game he loves because of multiple concussions.

An explanation of your comment might be in order: you are normally a level-headed commentator of the game and enjoyable to read. You seem to have gone a bit off-course on the George North piece.


TotalFlanker said...

I agree it would be very sad indeed if he has to retire, but his health has to come first.

What I was actually mocking was any claim - as was being made by Saints (and indeed by North) after the game - that he was not knocked out and was somehow voluntarily lying still. Thankfully such claims have since been discredited...