Thursday, 16 March 2017

Beware the Ides of March

I have a horrible feeling that the phrase “pride comes before a fall” may prove apt this weekend.

England preparation for Saturday’s Grand Slam decider against Ireland doesn’t feel at all right.

There’s been way too much emphasis on the England players achieving “greatness” by breaking New Zealand’s 18 match winning streak, and Eddie Jones is quite rightly wary of Steve Hansen’s attempts to blow smoke up his arse.

And then there’s the announcement by his bosses at the RFU of a possible match against the All Blacks in November this year.

Not only is such a fixture potentially not in the interest of the England team (Eddie having previously suggested that leading England players may need resting in November after an arduous Lions tour), the timing of the news, ahead of England’s biggest game for years, is a hugely unhelpful distraction.

The ONLY focus this week should be on how England might overcome an excellent and highly motivated Ireland team who will be salivating at the prospect of derailing the chariot.

I fear the worst.


john said...

Pretty much how I feel. Same reason I wasn't surprised when England​ took Scotland apart.

Rugbydad said...

Given the outcome it looks that you were both correct. Look on the bright side, England Women won the Grand Slam on St Patrick's Day in Dublin.