Thursday, 11 May 2017

Five years and a Pool of Death...

World Rugby’s decision at its meeting this week in Kyoto to scrap the 3 year residency qualification period, replacing it with a more stringent 5 year period, has to be seen as a good thing.

Hopefully it will end (or at least reduce) the practice  of "Project Players" being brought in by certain countries and will help protect lower tier nations who habitually lose players to other national teams purely for economic reasons.

Having said that, I understand that the new rule is not due to come into force until 31st December 2020 which, by my calculations (and call me an old cynic), gives countries until the end of this year to ship in as many Project Players as they can. 

Of course Kyoto also hosted the draw for the 2019 World Cup this week and there was a certain inevitability that Eddie Jones and England would be being drawn in another Pool of Death, having to face both France and Argentina in Pool C to progress to the quarter finals. Scant reward, it seems, for the team's recent 18 match unbeaten run...

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Unknown said...

Love the blog by the way, follow it religiously!

I fear that with the 5 year rule, we may just see more of en mass young singing from less wealthy nations, a la stade francais signing most of the fiji under 20s team.