Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Gats is Done

So, Warren Gatland is “done” with the British and Irish Lions, having confirmed that he won't be taking charge of the South Africa tour in 2021.

Lord knows I’m no Gatland fan, but the chap deserves plenty of credit for leading two successful tours (one series victory, one drawn) to Oz and UnZid respectively.

I’m not surprised, however, that Gats has decided that enough is enough.

A woefully inadequate preparation time and a brutal schedule - which is only going to get worse with future tours limited to 8 games - means that now is a good time to get out.

I can envisage one or two problems, perhaps, in finding someone to drink from the poisoned chalice in four years time - after all, as I've previously said, who would want to coach a team that is recklessly being set up to fail?

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Nursedude said...

It's a pretty thankless job being the Lions manager. I think what had to be tough for him, is that he was getting savaged on a daily basis by his fellow kiwis-the New Zealand press was just brutal on him.