Saturday, 7 October 2017


From time to time I've been known to get on my high horse about the RFU launching yet another England rugby kit and expecting the great English rugby public to swallow a load of old marketing bollocks about the kit's historic significance and/or astonishing technical capabilities.

And so, as we head towards the November 2017 Internationals, I'm sure we are all delighted by the launch of England's new alternative dark grey combo which will be worn against Argentina next month and by the women’s team against Canada.

The problem is, sadly, that you won't be able to see the kit in the above picture because, apparently, it uses state-of-the-art camouflage technology.

Yes, according to a RFU press release: “Inspired by distraction principles, the red fade feature [on the kit] is designed to make it harder to distinguish aspects of the body during the tackle.”

Seriously, you couldn't make it up.

Or maybe you could - and in fact I did - here and again here.

Once again, however, truth proves stranger than fiction. Unless it's all my fault?

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Von said...

Hang on, so is this one real or is it another brilliant Total Flanker parody?