Thursday, 5 October 2017

Three minutes

I think we're supposed to be impressed by the fact that World Rugby has agreed that Premiership and Championship clubs will, for the rest of this season, have an extra 3 minutes to undertake head injury assessments during games.

From this weekend the HIA period has, on a trial basis, been extended from 10 to 13 minutes to allow teams to collect saliva and urine ­samples to try to create an objective pitchside concussion test.

The idea is this could lead to developing a hand-held device that would instantly be able to diagnose concussions, which is all very laudable but kind of misses the point.

 The bottom line is that medics should be allowed to take as long as they need to make an HIA and players should be allowed to return to the field if given the all clear, even if it takes an hour or so to make an accurate assessment.

Three minutes extra is nowhere near enough.

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Von said...

Minor point, but I'm intrigued by the idea of a player being able to produce a urine sample on demand during match time. I remember Brian O'Driscoll once describing how he'd been selecting for a random drug test and missed Ireland's match-winning celebrations because he was sat in the medical room drinking litres and litres of water, and only managed a piss after half an hour or something.